Elsa Dye Handmade Jewelry


Tatted Jewelry

Tatting is a traditional handmade lace, created by manipulating fine thread with a shuttle. These original tatted designs feature colorful 100% Egyptian cotton thread with the addition of Japanese and Czech glass beads.

Triangle Tatted Earrings

Drop Tatted Earrings

Tatted Necklaces



Cut Tin Jewelry

I hand cut and form these tin jewelry pieces from repurposed decorative tin canisters. Because they are made from an ever-varied repurposed material, each one is entirely unique and one of a kind.

Domed Disc Cut Tin Earrings


Rectangle Cut Tin Earrings

Double Disc Cut Tin Earrings


Hinged Rectangle Cut Tin Earrings

Triple Disc Cut Tin Earrings


Taper Cut Tin Earrings

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates